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We need your support!

Dear Neighbors,

Once again, it is my honor and privilege to write to you today on behalf of the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff ’s Foundation (MLHSF), a California non-profit public benefit corporation founded by your friends and neighbors for the sole purpose of providing community support for the deputies of the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff ’s station who proudly serve our community.

This organization was first formed almost 18 years ago by your neighbors who recognized that there was a genuine need for this kind of support due to shortfall in funding by the state of California and Los Angeles County to provide the specialized equipment that the Sheriff’s Deputies of this particular station require to perform their duties in this wonderful and unique area we all call home. Very few areas in this country enjoy the mountainous terrain and white sandy beaches that we enjoy here. As many of you are aware, with that beauty comes a unique challenge that these deputies face each day when called to duty to assist the citizens of this area whether it is a mountain rescue, a wildfire, a car accident, a drowning at the beach or some other incident which requires specialized equipment so the deputies can do their jobs safely and effectively for our community.

Your support is now more important than ever before as the state and the county seek to reduce resources and revenues to all law enforcement professionals across California. Therefore, we MUST seek your continued support so we can continue our efforts in supplying immediate funding to respond to the specialized needs of those who protect and defend this community from harm, by providing them with the specialized equipment and any support they need to do their jobs.

You know that such ability to provide immediate relief, without the worry of budget limitations and/or appropriations as well as the rest of the traditional “red tape” that goes along with standard request for equipment, gives the MLHSF an advantage and the unique opportunity to provide these law enforcement professionals the tools they need as soon as they need it. By way of brief example in the recent past, the MLHSF has IMMEDIATELY funded and supplied breathing filters/masks and eye protection during the Woolsey fires of 2018 as well as many of the fires prior to Woolsey. The MLHSF has just supplied each and every officer of the station with the most advanced medical kits and training to assist the public and their fellow deputies when that need arises. The MLHSF has provided forensics investigations training, a state of the art physical training facility/gym, tactical entry vests for the protection of detectives, maintenance for the Malibu Beach Team command post trailer, advanced training seminar fees for deputies and much more….but most importantly the MLHSF has also provided funds to the families of station personnel during their times of need due to illness or injury related to their law enforcement duties.

The Malibu/Lost Hills station personnel feels the love of this community and especially appreciate knowing that their specialized needs are provided for through the generosity and support of citizens like you.

The MLHSF is an organization of only volunteers so 100% of all funds collected go directly to the needs and benefits all of the personnel of the station which in most instances comes back to you, the members of this community when your own needs arrive.

Once again, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the MLHSF and the law enforcement professionals we so proudly support, please accept my thanks for your kindness, generosity and continued support.

As always, should you require any other information or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time at the below telephone

Very truly yours,

Christopher Levinson, President
Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff’s Foundation