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A Foundation with a Purpose

When the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff ‘s Foundation board members received a request for 80 smoke aspirators and 50 pairs of goggles during the recent Malibu fires, the request was fulfilled in under four hours. Quick decisions, a cohesive purpose and a Foundation Board who understands the importance of supporting the deputies is what makes our community proud!

The gear, gathered by Foundation board members, with the assistance of several local DIY store managers, helped deputies breathe more safely while they coordinated traffic and evacuation efforts during the wind-driven fire above Malibu. The relationship between the board, sheriffs and our local stores is what defines our communities.

The aspirators and goggles were available once again if required during the recent Thomas Fire.

“Without the foundation’s help we would have to go through a lot of red tape to obtain these supplies through the regular procurement system,” said one of the deputies of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

This is just an example of how this foundation works. The balanced mixture of pro-activity and re activeness is exactly what the Malibu/Lost Hills Deputies have come to expect from this foundation.

“This is a fantastic organization composed of local citizens to assist deputies and all the people who work at the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station,” said Captain of the Station at the time of the fires. “They (Foundation board members) do a wonderful job for us, and they do it at the drop of a hat, which is a nice thing,” he said.

Founded in 2003, the nonprofit foundation develops community support for the 200 people who work at the Malibu/Lost Hills Station in Calabasas, CA. . The station serves five cities along with the unincorporated areas of western Los Angeles County.

The foundation creates a mechanism through which residents, merchants, business owners and community leaders can get involved to support law enforcement, said the foundations’ past president Henry Steenackers. “In light of continuing budget cuts, fundraising is the foundation’s highest priority.”

In addition to providing much needed supplies during emergencies, funds from the foundation provide resources and assist deputies with daily tasks. Deputies have directly benefited from foundation’s ability to fill in the gaps where the county cannot.

The foundation also functions as a philanthropic arm of the station and raises money for charities that are connected to our community such as the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation, 999 for kids and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The foundation is also excited to be affiliated with the team that represents the station in the Sheriff’s Baker to Vegas event. The foundation also provided funds to buy equipment for affiliated volunteer groups such as the Malibu Mountain Rescue Team and the Disaster Communications Service.

The foundation was extremely excited to support and provide the funding for the station’s weight and cardio rooms. this included new treadmills, free weights, and everything you would find in a professional fitness center.

Partnering with one of Calabasas’ resident companies, the foundation purchased a beach team mobile command post

Closest to home the foundation helps fund deputies unexpected costs when personal tragedies occur.

“We are doing our best to create a better working environment for deputies and to provide the tools they require,” said Barry Myerson, a board member. “The goals and successes of the foundation exemplify the spirit of volunteerism and community involvement in the region”, he said.

By engaging local citizens to support law enforcement, the foundation is ensuring a better quality of life for the communities. “We’re the catalyst that helps the community come together for a common goal,” said current Board President Chris Levinson.

“Some give back financially, some with time, but we all have an obligation to do something. We hope our community picks their local law enforcement who’s sole mission is to keep us safe!”

For more information about the foundation, visit www.MLHSF.org or call (818) 584-8804.